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The ADSA are now going to...

Don't use 71%

Almost ¾ of respondents do not use our library, for a variety of reasons. Many people didn’t have time or just didn’t know about it.

We think our library is a valuable resource, so we are going to do the following to increase usage:

  • Reduce the number of library items (currently 600) down to only the very best of the best.
  • Relocate the library to the home of a committee member and offer flexible visiting hours.
  • Promote key themes and library resources via our Facebook group and e-news to gain interest.
  • Offer FREE DELIVERY for three items or more. Pick up will also be available of course (with a free cup of tea!).
  • Bring library resources to social catch-ups when possible.
  • Have more library resources available at the Success in School course for teachers to borrow on the spot.
Visitors 95%

95% or people have used the web site at least once, and fifty percent rarely visit the site.

  • We will advertise important changes and updates in our e-news, and on both our Facebook public page and members group page.
Enjoy receiving 90%

90% of people enjoy reading our e-news updates.

  • We will continue to send information in this format for general information. If information is more age specific, we will try and email just the relevant group.
Enjoy reading 88%

87% of members receive this, and of those people, 88% enjoy the information and love seeing what is going on in the community.

  • We are glad that this is a popular platform for sharing stories and information. We love the photos too!
  • Some people do not want the printed version and we will ask for responses on this at a later date.
  • The Outlook magazines are also available in PDF form on our website (see link).
Following us 80%

80% of respondents follow us on Facebook. 75% of respondents are also members of our ADSA private group. Although our Instagram account is gaining popularity, our other social media platforms have low awareness.

  • This tells us Facebook is a GREAT platform for our membership, and a good way to engage with you.
  • We are pushing to get more people in the private members group – for sharing, chatting, and giveaways. So far we have 128 members in this group, which is fantastic.
  • Where appropriate we will also be present on other platforms and hopefully you can use these platforms to share your photos from our big events like Buddy Walk.


“Don’t forget the older people.”

“Tips from parents of older members.”

“You are doing a great job!”

  • We would love to get a wider representation of age groups on our committee and will be asking members to please put up their hands!
  • Thanks! We will keep it up.

26% of you wanted to meet other families, but didn’t know how, and a further 26% wanted to attend social events, but they didn’t always fit with your schedule.

What an opportunity! We are working on connecting you all up again as it is a vital part of who we are. We are looking into ideas for ‘Social Circles’ to connect families up with children born across a set five year period, as these will be the families that your child shares milestones with (more information to follow). We are testing this with 0-4 year olds (born 2016-2020) and have had very positive results so far.


Most people attended Buddy Walk or wanted the chance to!

Buddy Walk numbers were impacted by a measles outbreak in 2019, and unfortunately the event had to be cancelled this year due to Covid-19.



With the exception of the library, respondents rated all the other core activities highly. Of the areas rated, our Success in School education course received the highest importance rating, followed by web site information on the health services and disability support available.