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We need Buddy Walk Committee Members for Buddy Walk 2019

We need people to step-up and help our community to ensure that we can continue this wonderful event year-on-year.


The ADSA Buddy walk is the biggest event on the ADSA calendar and has been organised for the past few years by a team of dedicated parents and friends of children with Down syndrome with support from the ADSA office. Being on the committee has provided the team with event organisation experience in areas such as project management, leading teams, fundraising and sponsorship. Some members of the committee are leaving this year and the remaining committee are looking at succession planning so that this great event can continue in the future. If we don’t have a committee we will not be able to have a Buddy Walk. We need people to step-up and help our community to ensure that we can continue this wonderful event year-on-year.

Key areas of skills needed on the Buddy Walk Committee 2019

  • Project managing the logistics of the event
  • Volunteer organisation
  • Entertainment organisation
  • Prizes and sponsorship
  • Communications and promotional material
  • Food
  • Other areas you may be able to help?

Commitment and Workload for Buddy Walk Committee Members

Meetings for Buddy Walk Committee Members: We would like Buddy Walk Committee members in place by August 2018 and to meet in November and/or December to confirm roles, outcomes and project deadlines. From January 2019 we envisage more regular catch-ups to understand progress and to address any issues or problem areas. These will be fortnightly, and possibly weekly from mid-February onwards, however these will be kept as brief as possible.

Time expectation

We expect that this will range in effort but no more than 2-5 hours per week depending on how close we are to the event. There will be some involvement needed on the day of the event however, we would also like to ensure you can enjoy time with your family and friends on the day also.


This is a fantastic chance to be involved with a great event, really help make a difference to our community and continue enhancing the Buddy Walk day itself.

How to express your interest

If you are interested in helping out, or have any questions, please call or email Philip Venables on 021467121 or email or Kirsten McDonald on 0277051337 or email Also, if you know anyone that is not an ADSA member, but would be keen to help, please pass on this information and these contact details.