The ADSA is managed by a management committee elected on an annual basis. The committee includes President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to 10 volunteer committee members.

2021 – 2022 Management Committee

Meet the newly elected members of the ADSA management committee:

  • Chair: Maia Faulkner
  • Vice-Chair & Treasurer: Tom Beguely
  • Secretary: Kirsten McDonald
  • Committee member: Valentina Pereira
  • Committee member: Pip Smyth
  • Committee member: Victoria Thorpe
  • Committee member: Kendra van der Linden

Upcoming meetings

Management committee meetings are held monthly via video conferencing. 

2022 meeting dates: June to December TBC

If you wish to present something to the management committee, please email the Secretary ( This will allow for time to be allocated to the agenda.

Join the committee

We always welcome new committee members! If you or someone you know has the time to commit, as well as skills that the ADSA would benefit from, please email

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