Dance & Arts Therapy NZ ↗

Arts 4 Us Speciality Group – Orakei Community Centre

Arts 4 Us is held on Mondays after school and is an art therapy programme for school age children on the Autism Spectrum or with related disorders, such as ADHD or a developmental delay. The programme is designed to support social skills and emotional literacy through art making. This program combines the arts accessibility of the popular drop-in ‘Arts 4 Us’ programme, with the individualised therapeutic support and small group size of the ‘STARS’ programme.

For an initial free assessment to see if the Arts 4 Us Specialty Group is right for your child, email

Māpura Studios ↗

Māpura Studios is a creative space offering innovative art programmes for people of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with diverse needs are provided for. The sessions provide a learning process in visual arts education especially orientated to the requirements and circumstances of our artists; they also promote and encourage self-development through the vehicle of creative expression.