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Drama Group for Young Adults

An enthusiastic and dedicated group of 9 young people aged between 18-35 who take part in weekly workshops. The students have been developing self confidence and building interpersonal skills. The emphasis is on having fun so that everyone enjoys participating. In particular the group has been working on dramatizing stories and myths. Venue is the Greenlane Presbyterian Church, 2 – 3 pm Saturdays (during the school term.) Call Teresa Tuenter ph 8337248 or email

Interacting Theatre

Interacting Theatre is a charity set up to provide drama therapy and opportunities for people with special needs to participate in theatre. Interacting Theatre’s aims are to create an ensemble theatre group of people with a disability, to make a unique contribution to the cultural and creative life of the community, to educate the wider community about the lives and experiences of people with a disability and their families, to increase self confidence, independence and self advocacy of people with a disability  and to boost their active participation in community life and increase their visibility within the community.



StarJam offers young people with disabilities the opportunity to stand proudly in the performance spotlight. Workshops are held each week during school term evenings in singing, dance, guitar and hand drumming and are open to young people up to the age of 25. Each workshop has a passionate tutor and a dedicated volunteer (volly). There is no joining fee although a donation per term is appreciated.