Everyday OT

HangOuT with Mates – holiday programs for ages 4 to 6 years (mini mates) and 7 to 12 years (mates)

The programs aim to provide goal directed, specific indoor and outdoor, occupational therapy supported activities, using sensory integration and motor skill development theory. They are designed for children with mild to moderate needs, to enable greater engagement and participation in everyday play and school activities. Please register your interest by via the Everyday OT Facebook page.

They also offer individualised aquatic occupational therapy programs at the Tepid Baths in Auckland and school based support on the North Shore.Aquatic Occupational Therapy programs for individuals and groups. These programs offer water based occupational therapy to families who wish to extend the leisure and play skills of their children while incorporating sensory integration and motor skill development activities.

Adventure day camps

The day camps are designed to help children prepare for Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) days and school camp plus have fun trying new activities. They include goal directed, specific indoor and outdoor, occupational therapy supported activities, using sensory integration and motor skill development theory. Like the holiday programs, they are designed for children with mild to moderate needs, to enable greater engagement and participation in everyday play and school activities.

Lifekidz Trust

After School & School Holiday Care for Special Needs Children. LifeKidz is a holiday programme for both boys and girls. LifeKidz provides a safe, fun and exciting environment designed for, but not limited to, children with disabilities. Youth workers of the highest calibre are chosen to provide the best care for your child. Phone 09 533 6360 for more information.

PHAB Association

PHAB is an organisation that ‘walks the talk’ that is inclusive, promotes and supports self reliance that enhances the social opportunities for people both disabled and non disabled.
PHAB has social clubs that meet weekly, and have an awesome Youth Space in Takapuna. PHAB holds many events such as the annual ball, holiday programmes, life skills workshops & programmes, study scholarships, leadership development, health nutrition & exercise classes and a staff team of both disabled and non disabled PHAB members. Through the network of weekly social groups young people can choose to access a variety of programs that supports their personal development to independence. Email office@phab.org.nz or phone 09 488 7490 for more information.

Recreate NZ Limited

Recreate NZ is committed to enhancing the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development and independence of young people with disabilities through quality programmes and services. Recreate NZ is a fully inclusive organisation that accepts all children and youth with disabilities regardless of ethnicity, gender or disability. They run over 120 adventure, recreational and social programmes and events per year, for three age groups: ‘Junior’ (aged 9-14), ‘Youth’ (aged 15-24), and ‘Young Adults’ (aged 21+).

Programmes and events offered encompass: adventure camps, adventure weekends, adventure days, recreational weekend getaways, ‘Urban Youth’ socialisation events, and school holiday programmes and activities. Additionally Recreate NZ also run ‘Mother’s Retreat’ respite weekends during the year. Phone(09) 634 3474 or email info@recreate.org.nz for more information.

Spectrum Care

Spectrum Care operate a school holiday programme which includes planned daily activities indoors and outdoors. The programme caters for children and young people in the greater Auckland area who have been assessed as eligible for disability support services. Access to the service is through a referral from a Needs Assessment and Services Coordination agency (such as Taikura Trust, phone 0800 835 4672). Simply request a referral to the Spectrum Care Holiday Programme. Phone 09 634 3790 or email info@spectrumcare.org.nz for more information.

Y-Kids Holiday Programmes

Each holiday programme offers a varied and interesting variety of activities ranging from trips, art and craft to sports and games. Y-Kids programmes are suitable for children with disabilities. Bookings can be made via their website.