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Able Pet Care

People with intellectual disabilities are able and willing to take on valued roles in our communities. Able Pet Care is an organisation that makes this happen.

When a customer needs pet care services, Able Pet Care finds an individual with an intellectual disability in their neighbourhood who can help. The result is a job well done and a person participating in their community. Support workers usually work with the person who has a disability to make sure all goes to plan, so all people – even those who experience the most profound difficulties – can be encouraged to carry out this work and be paid for their efforts.

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Opt In – Support to find work

Every year a number of young people with health conditions or disabilities start to receive a Supported Living Payment and may remain on a benefit for the rest of their lives. We know some, however, would like the opportunity to work. Work and Income’s Opt In is a voluntary programme offering extra help to people who get the Supported Living Payment and want to get a job, do some training, or study. It is aimed at people aged from 16 to 29 years and is being trialled in 16 centres around New Zealand.

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The Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit aims to increase the number of New Zealand businesses employing people with disabilities, ultimately changing the conversation around diversity in employment in New Zealand and helping redefine what ‘normal’ means.

Creative Spirit was born from a desire to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the creative sector.

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