Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit by joining your organisation ?

We can save you time searching for services or support – as we have all been there done that! We are only a phone call or email away if you want to chat. We organise social get-togethers for individuals with Down syndrome and/or their families and caregivers. We send out regular emails and newsletters to let you what’s going on. We have resource library for your use. And we often give away tickets to fun events! All of this is FREE to our members. Join today»

what happened to buddy walk ?

Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened! In 2020 the whole country went into lockdown around the time we had planned to hold our annual Buddy Walk event. So, after a lot of planning and organisation, we had to cancel it at the last minute. Then with things still unsettled in 2021 and 2022 we made the decision to cancel again, just to be safe. We hope we will be able to hold Buddy Walk again one day as it is a popular get-together for our members. Read about Buddy Walk here»

do you have an office ?

We used to have an office in Mt Wellington, Auckland. During our first lockdown in 2020, we realised that our staff could work just as efficiently from home and we could put the money we used for rent into other important resources and services. We still have a resource library you can visit; click the link for more info.

My child will be starting school soon, have you got any info that will help ?

Our Success in School course is a great start! We hold this very popular course twice every year. It is run over two days and includes a variety of presenters. You might even like to encourage your child’s teacher or their teacher aide to attend. Read more about the course here»

How can I meet other families and caregivers ?

We provide lots of opportunities for you to meet other families. From face-to-face coffee groups and picnics to chatting via our private Facebook group and online meetings. Click here for more info»

Can i volunteer for your organisation ?

We don’t have a lot of opportunities right now for volunteers, due to the cancellation of our big Buddy Walk event. But if you are keen to help, please fill out our online form»