Processing grief and bereavement

Please check out the useful resources below. They may help with any grief, sadness and distress you might be feeling after the tragic loss of Lena Harrap. All links will open in a new browser tab, so you can easily return to this page. Be sure to scroll down the page to see some additional links from Skylight, an NZ organisation that supports people of all ages through tough times and specialise in grief, loss and trauma.

As supporters of people with Down syndrome during these difficult times, it is important for us to keep some of the following things in mind:

  • Be honest – Include and involve the person in conversations
  • Listen – Be there with the person and provide emotional support
  • Minimise change in the person’s life as much as possible
  • Look out for changes in the person and link in with the appropriate support if necessary

This information will change from time to time. If you need further information please email

The team at Skylight have provided us with the following resources which cover the following topics:

  • Death and dying and the change it brings – what to expect
  • How we can help ourselves in times of grief
  • Understanding grief and having strategies to move through it
  • Tips/ideas for self-care as grieving can be an exhaustive process: physically, emotionally and spiritually