7 & 8 MARCH 2022

We present our “Success in School: helping children who learn differently” course twice a year (previously called Down Syndrome: Success in School). Following feedback from previous participants, in 2020 we renamed and designed the course to appeal to people who teach or care for any children who ‘learn differently’ and not just those children with Down syndrome. The March 2022 venue will be advised shortly – but will be in the central Auckland area.

For all queries, please contact Paula:

This 2-day course is for SENCO’s, teachers, teacher aides, specialist staff, occupational therapists and parent educators and involves a variety of presenters including Dr Jude MacArthur. Each day starts at 8.30am and finishes at approximately 3.45pm.

The cost is $350 (GST inclusive) per person. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch provided.

Family rate: We now have a family rate of $150 (GST inclusive) per person. ADSA provides this subsidised rate to family members of a child with Down syndrome to make the course accessible to more families within our community for the benefit of our children.

The course aims to provide basic information and skills to attendees specific to educating students with Down syndrome or other special learning needs. Our presenters cover topics including the learning profile of students with Down syndrome, inclusion, use of visual supports and strategies to support learning in the inclusive setting, numeracy and literacy and how to adapt the curriculum, and behaviour and friendships.

Excellent course. Reaches
beyond people with Down syndrome and into the rich spectrum of all learners!


Please contact our Community Liaison Officer if you would like more information about our next course (7 & 8 March 2022).