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Education Overview


The Auckland Down Syndrome Association (ADSA) believes that students with Down syndrome learn best in a mainstream inclusive environment where they can participate in the daily life of their community. We also recognise that some families choose to place their children in a special school/satellite class.

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YouthLaw report into special education support in schools (September 2016)

YouthLaw urges the Government to make comprehensive changes to the structure, funding and accountability of the special education sector.

About YouthLaw: YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki is a free community law centre for children and young people across New Zealand. They provide free legal services to anyone aged under 25 who are unable to access legal help elsewhere, or those acting on their behalf.

Download a copy of the YouthLaw report ‘Challenging the Barriers’ (PDF)»


Article: Inclusive education for individuals with Down syndrome | Inclusion in education – the benefits and keys to success (PDF)
Changes over the past thirty years have brought access to education for children with special needs. In recent years, there has been slow but steady development of inclusive education for children with Down syndrome.

With supportive legislation to help schools provide the resources necessary to meet special educational needs, more children are being educated in their local school settings. Research indicates that appropriate education provided in inclusive settings offers the best opportunities for children with Down syndrome. Read more»

Report: Good Practice Guidelines for Education for Children and Young People with Down Syndrome (Symbol UK website)

This report summarises information about the specific learning needs of children with Down syndrome and sets out principles for effective education practice. Read more»