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Language & Reading – First Written Words

See and Learn First Written Words is the second step in the See and Learn Language and Reading programme. It is a series of activities specially developed to help children who have Down syndrome learn to talk and to read.

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CODE: SPE028-29

Item Description

See and Learn First Written Words uses reading to support language development. It will help your child learn to read 16 familiar written words and also to develop his/her understanding and use of 34 phrases containing two keywords. See and Learn First Written Words is designed for children who have already completed See and Learn First Word Pictures (the previous step in the See and Learn Language and Reading programme) and so already understand more than 50 single words and are able to match pictures. The See and Learn First Written Words pack contains: a guidebook including detailed instructions for each of the four activities in this step, record sheets to track progress through activities, picture cards, word cards, phrase cards, matching boards, and reading books to use in the activities. This step is designed to be used at the same time as See and Learn More Word Pictures.

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