Education overview

The Auckland Down Syndrome Association (ADSA) believes that students with Down syndrome learn best in a mainstream inclusive environment where they can participate in the daily life of their community. We also recognise that some families choose to place their children in a special school/satellite class.

You have many options available for your child’s education. By law, your child is entitled to attend early childhood education and school like every other child in New Zealand.

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Inclusive Education policy

The New Zealand Government’s policy concerning students with special needs is clearly spelt out in ‘Success for All – Every School, Every Child (PDF)’. The policy places a heavy emphasis on inclusive education for all students. The vision in the document is to work towards developing a fully inclusive education system.

It outlines what is meant by confident schools, children and parents. The document also notes key changes that will take place over the next few years to see that this will happen.

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