When does Early Intervention Services become involved with my child?

When your baby was born you should have been put under the Child Development Team at one of the three district health boards in the Auckland regions.  The Child Development Team will oversee your child until age five, however once your child approaches pre-school age around two or three Early Intervention Services will also become involved with your child.

What is the process for Early Intervention Services becoming involved with my child?

At around eighteen months someone in your Child Development Team should give you information about the three options of Early Intervention Services available.  The person who does this is usually the person you see the most and is your main point of contact in the Child Development Team. If you haven’t received any information around this time, please ask for it from them. They will then make a referral for the option you choose.  You can also make a referral yourself at any stage.

What are the three Early Intervention Services available in the Auckland Region?

CCS Disability Action (CCS) (website PDF)»

Ministry of Education (MOE) (website PDF)»

Ohomairangi Trust Early Intervention (website)» – have a focus on a kaupapa Maori approach

How do I decide which Early Intervention Service to choose?

You should be given information about these early intervention services and will be asked which one you would like to be referred to.  All these services provide early intervention services and it is up to you, which provider you would like to be referred to.  All of the links above give further information about the services provided.   However, it is suggested that you contact the provider to get an idea of waitlist times, and also speak to those in your community about what services they are receiving from the various providers.  Each service has pros and cons and it is up to you to decide what is best for you and your child.  Also note, that like any service, the person delivering the service may have much more of an impact than the service provider itself.

Will I automatically be accepted to an Early Intervention Service?

No, you will have an assessment first from the service provider.  However, children who have a diagnosis of Down syndrome are typically accepted for Early Intervention Services

When will I be able to access Early Intervention Services?

Children are usually accepted for these services between the ages of two to three.  You can ask for a referral earlier than 18 months, however you may still need to wait until your child is old enough to be accepted.

Confirmed as accurate by Denise Janes Child Development Team ADHB April 2017