• Specialist Teacher Outreach Service (PDF)
    The Specialist Teacher Outreach Service provides a specialist itinerant teaching service for students on the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) who are enrolled in their local schools.
  • Getting Started!!! Using Visual Systems to Promote Communication, by Dolly Bhargava (PDF)
    This is a detailed information booklet by Dolly Bhargava on the benefits of using visual systems. This is available as an online version but we can also send it to parents who would like a hard copy of the book. Some recent research disputes some of the suggestions in this book.

    Fiona Kenworthy, SLT, who presents the segment “Using visuals to assist children in accessing the curriculum” in Our Success in School-course, suggests the book Visual Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, this is aimed at children on the Spectrum and is not specific to Down syndrome.

    This book is aimed at a broad range of ages, including high school students and includes some useful approaches such as colourful semantics. It also has some associated iPad apps/activities and lots of website ideas. It contains really good ideas for visual supports for handwriting, maths etc and shows images of students working on more complex topics (aim high!).

    This book has great information on how to choose a system for a particular child rather than the one-size-fits-all method. Although it does specify autism, it is relevant for people with Down syndrome. A few negatives though are: it is not in colour, not as user-friendly as Dolly Bhargava’s book and is expensive.
  • Daily Work Sheet (PDF)
    A tool, developed by Sommerville School, to assist with communication between Home and School.