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ADSA Round the Bays 4 March 2018

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Join the ADSA Round the Bays

On Sunday 4 March 2018 once again the Ports of Auckland is holding its 46th Round the Bays event and we would love everyone to join us. We would especially love more of our members who have Down Syndrome to join our team, participate and/or volunteer to help out at BBQ site on the day.

What it involves:

  • A ‘full course’ group and a ‘start half way around the course’ group
  • T-shirts to buy, look super in, wear on the day and help raise awareness
  • A fabulous BBQ at Madhills Farm after the event (FREE site for ADSA if we have 50+ members in our team!!!)
  • Your chance to help raise funds for the ADSA

Enter now and save

Early bird entries are open until 15 December – for the cheapest price register in our team now.

Or go click on enter now and join the Auckland Down Syndrome Association team (no password required)

If you have any questions or want to express your interest in joining the team, and/or volunteering on the day please contact Kirsten McDonald at or 027 705 1337.