Following the lockdown period, our recent survey, and a period of strategic planning our committee and staff have agreed on the bold decision to close the ADSA Mt Wellington office. All services will continue as staff will be working from home. This transition will be complete by the end of July 2020.

Visitors to our office and library are very rare, and staff have been able to work well from home during the lockdown period, and have been happy with this setup. We will continue to offer the same services as previously but in a more cost-effective way.  Our staff will have regular face-to-face meetings and be guided by the Management Committee in the same way as before.

A large amount of our office space has been for the resource library, and Buddy Walk equipment. From 1 August 2020, our library will be housed in Birkenhead, at the home of Paula & Tom Beguely. This will enable more flexible pick up options, and we are also introducing free postage for family members who order three or more items at once.

Buddy Walk items, which are accessed once a year, will be relocated to a storage facility which we have obtained at a great price. Our phone number will remain the same and will be answered by our Community Liaison Officer, Paula Beguely.

This is an exciting opportunity for us, and we are confident it will result in positive changes for our organisation, members and staff.

Yours sincerely

Angela Owen