Can you help?

Fundraising helps cover the ADSA’s operational costs

In 2020, and again in 2021, we have had to cancel our annual big fundraiser, Buddy Walk due to Covid-19. But we still need to raise funds to help support operational costs and wages for our part-time (and very hard working) staff members. Are you able to help us by setting up a Just Giving fundraising page?

How to set up your own fundraising page

  1. Check out the ADSA information page on the Just Giving website»
  2. Share your story and set a fundraising goal.
  3. Add a profile photo (we recommend 650 px wide x 350 px high).
  4. Tell all your friends, family and contacts about your page – share it on Facebook or Instagram!
  5. Don’t forget to tell us here at the ADSA about your page.

Please email Paula if you have any questions.

There are prizes for the top fundraisers!
* First prize is a one night stay for 2 people at Sky City Hotel *

Who has signed up so far to be a fundraiser?

Paula & Charlotte Beguely’s page»

Natalie Robinson’s page»

Matt & Reid Cameron’s page»

What is Just Giving?

In recent years many ADSA members have set up fundraising pages to support our organisation, via Everyday Hero. We are trying out Just Giving this year, as Everyday Hero no longer exists. Our members find this type of fundraising rewarding, and they are happy to give back and say thanks to the ADSA.

After seven years of being involved with the Auckland Down Syndrome Association, it was our time to step-up and support the organisation financially by fundraising online. It was a great experience to be able to share Jada’s story, she’d come so far! And it felt good to support ADSA and raise awareness within our extended community too.

Diane Burnett (ADSA member & newsletter editor)