with Valentina Pereira


The time and date of the next workshop are yet to be confirmed. Please register your interest by sending us an email.

This century sees adults with Down syndrome at their most independent, due to the opportunities, technology and support available to them. Despite this, there remain challenges that prevent them from living truly independent lives. Adults with Down syndrome are now able to live healthier and more fulfilled lives with a higher life expectancy.

Whilst this is very gratifying for parents/caregivers, it also means that they need to ensure they can support and provide for their adult with Down syndrome to enjoy a lifestyle that is consistent with the rest of their family. Typically, the duration of this responsibility exceeds the lifetime of the parents/caregiver which in fact means they need to provide for two generations whilst they are alive as well as after they are gone.

Based on their personal values, parents/caregivers will almost certainly have ideas and aspirations for what they want for their whole family but do not actually start planning for them because often they are too busy coping with daily life, ‘fighting other battles’ or they just don’t know where to start.

MiRock Financial Services will run and deliver a 3-hour workshop for parents who are members of the Auckland Down Syndrome Association. The content will cover the process of planning for the future. The workshop will be delivered by Valentina Pereira, who besides being a Financial Adviser and Chartered Accountant, is also a parent to a daughter who has Down syndrome.

The workshop is not a ‘lecture’ session. Information and materials will be disseminated through instruction, interactive activities, open discussions and handouts. It is an opportunity for parents/caregivers to learn and ask questions in a non-intimidating environment.

The aim of this workshop is to walk parents/caregivers through a process to identify the long-term needs for their family which will then enable them to make informed decisions in developing an action plan to financially secure their family.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Understand how personal, legal and financial decisions are interrelated in securing the future of our families.
  • Enable parents/caregivers to identify their family’s needs based on their aspirations for their family.
  • Discuss strategies available to families that can be used to achieve their goals based on their personal circumstances.
  • Provide families with the confidence to take small steps to secure their families financially for two generations.

Participants should be parents/caregivers of a person with Down syndrome. Where there are a couple responsible as primary caregivers, both need to be present to work through the process that this workshop will cover to ensure the family obtains the maximum benefit from the workshop.

The workshop will run for a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 families (maximum of 24 participants). The cost will be $25 per family, to be paid in advance. Contact clo@adsa.org.nz for more information.